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The Provincial Archives of Alberta and its holdings provide a great source of information and inspiration for educators and students young and old, whether elementary or university aged. Primary sources are the best and most immersive way for people to explore the past and discover what life in Alberta was like for over 100 years. When it comes to academic research at a college or university level, primary textual, photographic and other records are an absolute must-have.

Law and Original Order: Discovering Alberta's Court Records

Discover family history, mischief, murder and even the mundane through the extensive holdings of court records preserved by the Provincial Archives. Using this online exhibit, you will learn the history of the province's courts as well as how to use civil, criminal, probate, divorce and other court records effectively in your research.

Through selected documents, you can explore interesting and unusual court cases involving aboriginal peoples, women's rights, early settlement, fortune-telling, breweries, and Alberta criminals both famous and forgotten. Please note that the site is best viewed with Google Chrome or more recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Learn more about Law and Original Order.

Voices of the Past: Alberta School Broadcasts

Ever wonder what it might have been like to be a student 40, 50 or 60 years ago? Experience it for yourself through Alberta School Broadcasts recordings. Originally aired on CKUA and CBC, the School Broadcasts were heard by classes across the province and educated students on a variety of topics. Learn more about Voices of the Past.

Royal Visits

The Provincial Archives of Alberta holds a wide range of sources relating to Royal Visits to Alberta. Learn more about Royal Visits to Alberta.

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